Listing Agreement Terms & Conditions


The landlord agrees to pay the commission if a tenant introduced by Canada Homes For Rent is accepted by the landlord. The commission still applies in the event a person introduced by Canada Homes for Rent enters into a lease agreement privately with the landlord or the landlord’s agent within 90 days of said introduction. If Canada Homes for Rent does not find a tenant who is accepted by the landlord there is no charge. The landlord agrees that any signs at the property will display only Canada Homes For Rent telephone number.

Information on Prospective Tenants

Canada Homes for Rent will provide credit, employment and rental history on the prospective tenant for the information of the landlord. Canada Homes for Rent provides no warranty and accepts no responsibility for the tenants referred. Canada Homes For Rent does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any tenant information but will take all reasonable efforts to help the landlord in the rental decision. Canada Homes for Rent will arrange for all prospective tenants to complete a rental application and an offer to lease. Whether such an offer is accepted is at the sole discretion of the landlord, who accepts all responsibility for that decision. Not withstanding the above, Canada Homes For Rent will, at no additional charge, endeavor to replace a tenant who, during the first six months of a tenancy, leaves without the landlord’s consent or is evicted.

Funds Held

Canada Homes For Rent will obtain a security deposit from the prospective tenant and a post-dated cheque for payment of the first month’s rent. If the application is approved, the funds are applied towards commissions and taxes owed to Canada Homes For Rent on the transaction. If these funds are insufficient to cover the commission and taxes, the balance is due and payable upon acceptance of the tenant by the landlord.

Refund of the security deposit at the end of the lease remains the sole responsibility of the landlord

The Landlord agrees that all marketing materials developed by Canada Homes for Rent shall remain the property of Canada Homes For Rent. This includes any photography, ad copy, brochures, etc. The copyright shall remain with Canada Homes for Rent or the original creator of the work and cannot be used without express written consent of Canada Homes For Rent. Special conditions I have read and agree to the listing terms outlined above. I certify that I am authorized to execute a contract with regards to the property shown.

The above named “the landlord” authorizes Canada Homes for Rent to offer the following property for rent.